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Summer vacation…. NOT

So as I mentioned previously, even though the children are on summer vacation, some of us teachers are not.  We are forced to deskwarm from 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday. 

However, the first two weeks, my school hosted a summer camp.  While some of my friends are traveling from school to school, hosting different summer camps with different age groups, my school decided to put summer camp entirely in my hands.

I could chose how many kids I want, when I want them, what I want them to do, etc. 

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Classroom Blitzkreig

Around 2pm yesterday (Wednesday), my co-teacher informed that today (Thursday), the superintendent of the DMOE (Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education), 우동기, would be coming to watch one of my classes.  In his company would be EBS (Educational Broadcasting Service) to videotape and photograph my class.

I found it hard to sleep, thinking that the highest official in the educational system of the 3rd largest city in Korea, would be coming to watch my class. 

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