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There is a bar…

… where I feel at home.

… that makes me forget that I’m in Korea.

… that is located downtown, down a forgotten dark alley you would surely pass as you walk by.  

… that has a waiter whose English rivals my own.  

… that is pitch black with the exception of candles at each table and a singular string of christmas lights around the bar.

… whose walls and tabletops with tattered and torn photos, art prints, ticket stubs, and scribbled thoughts…

… whose walls and bookcases are full of vinyl LPs, rock albums, and hipster posters.  

… that has cushy chairs you literally sink into, like an old recliner in your childhood living room. 

… whose stage features mics and drums and plush carpets for musicians and poets to show their craft.  

… who plays the music I want to hear — rock, alternative, indie and classic rock-n-roll…. from the Beatles to Ben Folds, from The Flaming Lips to Nirvana. 

… whose White Russians only cost 5,000 won and come ice-cold and strong.

… whose darkness and calmness afford you the opportunity to steal away from the hustle-bustle and neon lights outside their door.  

… that only a few of my friends no about.   And I plan on keeping it that way.  

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Summer vacation…. NOT

So as I mentioned previously, even though the children are on summer vacation, some of us teachers are not.  We are forced to deskwarm from 9am-5pm, Monday - Friday. 

However, the first two weeks, my school hosted a summer camp.  While some of my friends are traveling from school to school, hosting different summer camps with different age groups, my school decided to put summer camp entirely in my hands.

I could chose how many kids I want, when I want them, what I want them to do, etc. 

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